Salada de Maionese/ How To Cook Vegetable Salad

Salada de Maionese/ How To Cook Vegetable Salad

 Salada de Maionese / Vegetable Salad

This is a classic Brazilian salad which complements so many dishes, for example, grilled churrasquinho meats and Bife à Milanesa (both recipes included in this cook book).

Makes a large salad


1 kg of potatoes diced

1 kg of carrots diced

500g of green beans diced

1 tablespoon of fresh parsley chopped

4 spring onions sliced

Salt and pepper to taste

½ jar of mayonnaise (or to taste)

First of all, peel and dice all the veg into small cubes. Cook each of the three vegetables in individual pots as they all cook at different rates. Carrots take the longest to cook so you could start with these first, then the potatoes and finally the green beans (green beans literally take 3 minutes - take off the heat when they turn bright green and drain the water immediately). Chef’s tip: “It’s important not to over-cook any of the vegetables otherwise when you mix together they just fall apart and turn into a mush.” Once done, drain and cool down immediately to prevent over-cooking. Add cold water and ice, if you can

After the vegetables are cold, add all the ingredients together in a large bowl together and mix. Add enough mayo (to taste) and mix together. You don't want too much mayo as you want to retain the flavours of the freshly cooked veg. Make sure you season well. And finally stir in some chopped parsley and plenty of spring onions which lift the flavours. To serve: Line a large tray with lettuce leaves and pour the cold salad into the middle.

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